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It is essential to have a reliable wallet to protect your cryptocurrencies. There are many different wallets and exchanges, here we go through some of the options.

MiningTech, Exchange
Firi, exchange

Firi is a Norwegian crypto exchange, registered with Finanstilsynet and integrated with Vipps.  


A clear and secure crypto exchange where your crypto is insured against cybercrime. It is easy to make withdrawals to your Norwegian bank. Firi also offers calculation of the tax return, so that you can easily fill in what is needed in the tax return. Especially if you are new to crypto this would be a great place to start.


By using the code "Miningtech" or pressing the link here will you first receive NOK 55 when you create an account, receive Ethereum the first time you make a deposit and ADA when you buy your first cryptocurrency. New rewards are received as you reach new milestones in your crypto journey.

Binance exchange

Binance is one of the largest foreign crypto exchanges. They offer trading of many different cryptocurrencies, and in addition the possibility of being able to stake your coins to earn extra from your holdings.


The advantage of foreign crypto exchanges is that they usually have more tokens/coins, more possibilities on the platform and there are usually less fees when buying/selling. Note that it can be a bit more complicated with withdrawals to your Norwegian bank as you may have to transfer to e.g. Firi and then transfer to your bank.​ 

You can create a user at Binancehere.

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