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All products at Miningtech are covered by guarantees from our suppliers. In addition, as a customer, you will have the right to complain in accordance with the Consumer Purchase Act. The right to complain gives you the right to have faults and defects rectified that were either present at the time of delivery, manufacturing defects or weaknesses in the product.


Products within electronics can have a 2 to 5 year warranty period. This is assessed based on whether the product is expected to have a lifespan significantly longer than 2 years or not. The complaint deadline will therefore vary from product to product.

ASIC Miners 
Special waranty for ASIC miners from factory, usually 6 months to one year from factory. This may vary from different miners. 

In some cases, suppliers want to take the product in for service to see if it can be repaired. In other cases, especially for products at a lower price, you will receive a new item immediately. It is important to take into account that fees for service, examination and shipping may be incurred if the fault is not covered by warranty or complaint. This can, for example, be physical damage in the event of an accident/accident.


If you want to advertise a product, contact customer service at and we will help you. Attach information about the fault and preferably a photo if the damage is visible.


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