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Everything you need to know about ASIC. We go through a number of points with information about ASIC miners, how they work, construction and how to mine with them.

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What is ASIC?

The short answer: A machine made solely for the task of mining cryptocurrency.


ASIC stands for Application Specific Integrated Circuit, an ASIC miner is therefore programmed to mine with a special algorithm for a specific cryptocurrency. In other words, a Bitcoin miner (Algorithm SHA 256) can only mine Bitcoin and a few other coins that support the same algorithm.

Advantages of ASIC

Although ASIC miners are generally highly priced compared to regular cryptomining equipment (such as GPU mining), they have several advantages:

  • High Efficiency: ASIC miners outperform GPUs in terms of computing power and efficiency

  • Easy to use: As they have only a single task and are designed specifically for mining, ASICs are so to speak "Plug and Mine", which makes it easy for the user to set up the equipment.

  • High profit: ASIC has a relatively high profit compared to other mining equipment. Hence a higher price. They work faster, therefore they solve mathematical problems faster and make faster profits.

  • Environmentally friendly: ASIC is designed for less energy consumption for more power.

How to mine with ASIC miners?

Although ASIC is relatively "Plug and Play" it is a bit more complicated than just pressing "start" to start mining.


  1. Choose your ASIC miner.

    Choosing which ASIC can be difficult, but going by your budget and which coin you want to mine is a good start.

    When buying an ASIC model, it is wise to look for the latest model to last as long as possible at top profit, on the other hand, earlier models can also have good power and ROI.

  2. Mining Software

    Software is referred to as the program specially designed to connect the miner to the blockchain (where the machine mines coins) at the same time as connecting to pools (where you are paid in coins).

    Originally, most manufacturers of the machines have a separate OS and a separate Pool that they want you to use. This works great for the most part, but doesn't give you much opportunity to overclock the machine. Here are some options:

    HiveOS (Boost your Hashrate)
    Generally some of the best software for GPU mining, but also has a great integration for ASIC miners. Here you can get full control over your miners, as well as upgrade the hashrate by adding your own firmware to the machine, some up to a 30% increase(!). With this, you also get upgraded antivirus protection.

    Gives you the opportunity to overclock and a good overview of your ASICs. Increase hashrate on your Bitcoin ASICs, improve efficiency and mine on any pool or get 0% pool fee on Braiins Pool

  3.  Select a mining pool
    Although the idea of SOLO mining sounds like an interesting idea, you have to spend enormous capital to be able to solve a block in the blockchain alone.

    By joining a mining pool where many miners join together to solve blocks, the combined computing power of several miners is utilized and the reward for each block that is successfully solved is shared.

    List of  pools:

    Once you have chosen an OS, you can usually use their pool, where you will often get benefits such as 0% in fees.

    In order not to be deceived and become a victim of scammers, it is important to go for pools with a good reputation when choosing a pool.
    Unfortunately, it is the case in the mining industry that some pools have, for example, extremely high fees. Read up on which pool  and the conditions for it. Good indications for a good pool are that many people use it. The size therefore has a lot to say, and you also want to solve blocks faster (=more profit).

  4. Calculate Profit 
    Profit should be taken into account. One would like to calculate the profit from one or more profit calculators to calculate approx. profit. Things one wants to take into account are: hashrate, power costs and research the cryptocurrency you want to mine, prices and trends can be good indicators.

Hva Er ASIC?
Hvordan Mine Med ASIC


What does an ASIC miner consist of?

ASIC machines are fairly simply built: They consist essentially of the same as a mining rig, only compressed and upgraded.


The main components consist of motherboards, hashboards, PSU and fans. In general, these machines are simply built and therefore very service-friendly.

Below are some of the basic components of an ASIC miner.

Control Board for 19 Series

Control Board

Where everything is connected, hashboards, fans, signal cables, psu.

Antminer hashboard


The power of the machine, densely packed chips with cooling fins to cool down efficiently.
Normally, each machine has three hashboards.

Antminer PSU


The miner's power supply that provides sufficient power for the machine.

Antminer Vifte.png


High-speed fans (6000RPM) for efficient cooling. Normally a miner has four fans,
two at the front that blow air into the machine and two at the back that draw the air out of the machine.

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