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Many people wonder which equipment they should purchase, the list of equipment is long. It's easy to get stuck between ASIC and GPU, which should you choose?


This choice is not as simple as it may seem at first glance, and will depend on many factors. Let's go over some of the factors to help you make the choice between ASIC and GPU mining.




ASIC: There are many types of ASIC miners, Bitcoin, DOGE, CBK, Kadena, etc. The list is long. ASIC machines are traditionally more complicated to obtain due to lack of availability from retailers.

GPU: There is a wide variety of GPUs and purchasing the necessary components to build a mining rig is generally easy and secure. The biggest challenge is choosing the components, as there is such a wide selection.

Conclusion: Choosing which ASIC is generally easier than choosing a graphics card and all the other components you need in a rig. If you are new to computer components and have the option to go for ASIC, this will be a simpler solution as it is quite "Plug and Play" in terms of building a rig (although we have a detailed guide on how to build a rig) .



ASIC: Setting up an ASIC miner is generally much simpler: You need a power source and internet. In a separate menu, you set up parameters for the mining pool and you are ready to mine.

GPU: To set up a GPU mining rig, you must first mount it. For this you need a frame, you have to choose which motherboard (with CPU/RAM/Cooling) you will have, SSD/Memory pen, PSU(s) and of course graphics card which determines your earnings. To get everything right you should have some understanding of computer components. After you have completed and assembled everything you need to configure the OS, mining software, flight sheet and overclocking.

Conclusion: It is easier to set up ASIC than GPU. For those who deal with computer equipment and are familiar with assembly and configuration, we can recommend choosing GPU miners. For inexperienced PC users, it is better to choose ASIC, as this is relatively "Plug and Play".


ASIC: The operation of an ASIC miner can, so to speak, be called problem-free, this because the equipment is quite reliable and does not require any general attention during operation. These machines are made with only one purpose: To mine cryptocurrency. The biggest challenge is keeping the machine clean. It is important to blow away dust, as well as clean and maintain the fans.


GPU: Maintaining a GPU mining rig with graphics card will require more time, skill and accuracy. You have several components to monitor in the mechanical part, e.g.: Bad contacts, thermal pads, fan faults, risers, etc.


Conclusion: For large mining operations with hundreds/thousands of units, choosing ASIC machines is a better option, where your maintenance costs are significantly lower.


ASIC : ASIC's negative side is noise. There is a very big difference in sound level from GPU to ASIC, if you are, for example, in the same room as an ASIC mining, you almost have to shout for others in the room to hear you.

GPU : The noise level from the GPU rig is generally ok. You still don't want to stay in the same room as the machines if you have another solution.


Conclusion: Noise is something that few consider when choosing mining equipment, but it is something that should be taken into account. Especially if you live in a residential area, this may be something to think about. Even if you do not stay where the mine is, neighbors may complain about the noise. There are several ways to reduce the noise on the ASIC, including water cooling. If you do not have the opportunity to have an ASIC in a place that is not a home (garage/warehouse, etc.), it is recommended to go for a GPU, which is better suited for home mining.


ASIC : This type of miner can only be used to run the specific mining algorithm, in other words you will only be able to mine a limited number of cryptocurrencies that support the algorithm. For example, SHA 256 (Bitcoin miners) will only be able to mine Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash and Kadena miners, for example, will only be able to mine Kadena.

GPU : The advantage of GPU mining is that they can mine many more types of cryptocurrencies and are not limited in the same way as ASIC. You will have the opportunity to mine a lesser-known cryptocurrency and be able to take advantage of the fact that the price will gradually grow as the cryptocurrency you mine over time grows in popularity.

Another advantage of graphics cards is the ability to change which cryptocurrency you want to mine on the fly, as which cryptocurrency offers the most profit then and there. For ASICs, this choice is very limited by the algorithm.


Conclusion: With ASIC you can get Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dash, Kadena etc. directly. With GPU you can mine several types of coins, e.g. ETC, Kaspa, Nexa, Flux, Neoxa, etc. The list is very long, but be aware that you cannot mine e.g. Bitcoin with GPU.

Regardless of what you mine, you have the option to transfer on exchanges and convert one cryptocurrency to another, for example Kaspa to Bitcoin.

Relevance of hardware

ASIC: Special devices can quickly become obsolete. With each new generation that comes, they are several times faster than the previous ones. There are cases where new ASIC miners are available within months of a previous release with several times increase in efficiency. Such cases can mean that the value of the equipment can drop dramatically in price (e.g. KD6 when Bitmain released its Kadena flagship KA3). Therefore, the relevant period is approx. 1 year.

GPU: The relevance of GPUs lasts at least 2-3 years, because the performance of new graphics cards does not increase as fast as that of ASICs. At the same time, the price of graphics cards does not decrease in value as quickly as ASICs because the used market for graphics cards is also used by gamers.


Conclusion: If you are looking for your hardware to be practical for as long as possible, and are afraid of price changes in the market, you should choose GPU mining.


ASIC: ASIC miners usually have a faster payback time in the long run than GPU miners, but since the manufacturer often adjusts the price of the equipment in relation to the profitability of mining on the machine, it may take longer. The best time to buy such machines is in a bear market. (Like all other mining equipment)

GPU: Graphics cards usually have a longer payback period than ASICs, especially for powerful and expensive cards. However, in the short term, you can make a profit by mining a profitable currency within a short time, which can cover most of the costs of your entire GPU farm.


Conclusion : If you have time to keep track of new cryptocurrencies and keep switching algorithms to find the most profitable ones to mine, the payback period for GPU mining is much earlier. For those who prefer to turn on and not touch the machine, ASIC miners will benefit.


There are several ways to find out how much profit you can expect on ASIC/GPU. Here are some simple websites:

-Whattomine, here you can enter your exact hashrate/power price and calculate profit., get a broad overview of ASIC miners' profits.

-Nicehash Profability Calculator, a quick calculator to calculate various models.
Below you can use the calculator:

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