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Here we will take you through all the most important components of a mining rig and what is important to take into account when choosing parts.

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This is one of the main components of your rig. In general, a motherboard determines the rest of the parts in the rig (or, in other words, the compatibility of the rig). When choosing a motherboard remember to always check the components it is compatible with and the number of graphics cards it is possible to connect.


Everything is connected to and controlled from the main board. To complete a motherboard, you need RAM, CPU and CPU fan.

Most motherboards need connection from the ATX power supply via 24pin, CPU (4/8pin) and molex connectors.

Graphics Card (GPU)

Graphics cards are one of the most important parts of your rig. They determine whether the rig will have good earnings (hashrate) or not. When choosing your GPUs, do your own research on whether they are suitable for cryptocurrency mining. More hashrate = more earnings. You can use as an indication of how much the different graphics cards earn.

However, remember that a good rig should consist of multiple GPUs.

There are two main types of graphics cards, AMD and Nvidia.

Power Supply (PSU)

There are two different types of power supplies used in GPU mining, ATX PSU and server PSU. Below we go deeper into the difference between the two.


What is important to take into account when choosing a power supply is to look at how many watts the other components in the rig need. If you are going to build a hardcore rig, your power supply must match this. For a more detailed description of calculations, see our own guide here.


This type of power supply is mainly designed to be connected to motherboards. The advantage is that it is very versatile, and can be used to supply most components with power. The ATX PSU uses 24pin cables for connection to the motherboard, and it also has a suitable cable for the CPU.

Server PSU

It is in the name that this is suitable for server use, thus it is perfect for mining with 24/7 operation. When using a server PSU, a breakout board is attached to the power supply, and you can extract as many as 17 ports from this. With this type of PSU, you have to use a 6-pin cable from the power supply, therefore it is most suitable for powering GPUs and risers, as most motherboards need a 24-pin connection. If you are going to use a server PSU to power a motherboard with a 24-pin connection, you must use a pico cable as a transition.

Our favorite setup is to combine the use of both ATX and Server PSU, where we use ATX to connect consumers such as motherboards and fans, if we still have watts to spare we use it to supply graphics cards with power as well. The rest of the graphics cards we use Server PSU to supplement with power.


This point is an important factor in any type of mining rig. Cooling should ensure that your components work properly and prevent overheating. Don't skimp here, invest in the best possible cooling - it's always better to be on the safe side. It is important to take into account that if the cards run at too high a temperature, the components may be damaged and earnings may be lower.


There are several types of fans and quality has a lot to say. Here are the most important qualities you should look for when purchasing fans:

RPM – How fast the fan spins and how much air it moves. Note that high RPM fans will make more noise.

Bearings - The two most common types are "Ball Bearing" and "Sleeve Bearing". Ball bearings are usually more expensive, but in return they are of better quality and have a longer lifespan.

Size – Most frames for mining use 120MM as standard for fans.

Connector – There are several types of connectors for fans, most are supplied with a Molex or PWM connector.


To use fans with a Molex connection, it is important to plan this. By, for example, using an ATX PSU, it often comes with a cable for connecting the molex.


Fans with PWM connectors are connected directly to the motherboard. As the motherboard often only has 1-3 connection points, PWM splitters will be necessary depending on how many fans you plan to use.

Server PSU
Thermal Pads
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Riser - Komponenter Mining
Ram - Komponenter Mining

Thermal Pads

Thermal pads are used to cool down electrical components such as graphics cards.

By replacing the thermal pads in the card, it will be possible to achieve a better cooling effect which helps the GPU to run more stably under heavy use, and not least with the best possible hash rate.

Among other things, the GeForce RTX 3000 series has been plagued with high temperatures on the VRAM and poor heat transfer between the cooler and the VRAM chips, which can cause the cards to overheat and "thermal throttle".

Processor (CPU)

The processor controls the transfer of data and how fast data is processed. A good processor can be the key when it comes to being able to run the rig smoothly and without significant errors or problems.

The CPU must match the motherboard's specifications, so make sure when you go shopping that these components are compatible with each other. The processor is mounted on the motherboard. When mounting, cooling paste must be used between the CPU and CPU fan.


There are a number of different choices in both size and material. Here you should pay attention to how many graphics cards there is room for, whether the frame can be stacked in height and the distance calculated between the graphics cards.


In order to run the operating system, you must have some form of storage. Only a USB or SSD can easily be used. The storage device does not need to be large as the operating system does not take up much space. What is important to think about, however, is that you have a storage device with good speed. Low speed can cause sluggishness in the system, which in turn can lead to problems. SSD is recommended because stability.


The riser is your communication between the graphics card and the motherboard. They usually come in packages with a USB cable and PCIe Express transition, so you have everything you need for connection.


Risers must be connected to the power supply using the 6-pin port on the riser.

The SATA to 6pin cable that is often included when you buy risers should NOT be used as it is a potential fire hazard.


Note that 1 riser is needed per graphics card.


RAM is attached to the motherboard and is necessary for the machine's memory. It offers a temporary storage space for the information the processor is to process. This is necessary for the machine to be fast and responsive.


When choosing RAM, it is important to be sure that you have the right type for your motherboard. For example DDR4, and that it is for the correct slot type.

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