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Building your rig.

Here we will go through in detail how to build a rig, step by step. Remember that different components may look different depending on the make and model, but the actual construction process is quite similar regardless.

MiningTech - Bygge rigg

1. Frame

Select the instruction manual for your specific frame below.


2. Motherboard

CPU - Mounting

1. Slide the locking pin out of the slot, lift up and remove the plastic cover over the CPU slot.


2. Carefully place the CPU (processor) into the slot on the motherboard. Insert the locking pin back down and lock.


3. Place the back plate for the CPU fan on the back of the motherboard so that it matches the holes.


4. Apply a pea-sized amount of cooling paste to the PCU.


5. The CPU fan is mounted on top of the processor and screwed through the motherboard. Tighten in a criss-cross pattern for even distribution.

6. CPU fan is connected via PWM connector designed for CPU on the motherboard.

RAM - Mounting

RAM is installed by placing it in the RAM slot on the main board. Make sure it locks.